Horizon provides industry-specific business software designed around the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations, as well as providing ERP modules.


Our Mission:

To be in a leading position that provides high standards and reliable solutions within the
software industry.

Our Vision:

Striving to reach maximum client satisfaction and become one of the world’s leaders in
the software solutions industry and mobile applications development.

ERP is commonly used by enterprises that work within the supply chain to aid in keeping track of all the movements and manufactures.
Businesses use ERP for many reasons, for instance saving money. Most systems in ERP improve collaboration, as well as improving productivity

Integrity : We are pride in doing our work.

Service : we focus on providing the best services.

Teamwork : we have a strong company spirit, and we take our work seriously but also having fun.

Community :  from our vision is to update the MENA region with the recent

Technologies : We can see ourselves as a small community in which its individuals use and create.


ERP solutions are used in order to facilitate the life of business owners. ERP is used to increase effective
communication between departments, as it allows employees to access information they need whenever they
want and from anywhere.

Enterprise Management

Financial Management

Every house now has at least one mobile phone or tablet of various kinds and forms, and the importance
of its use nowadays increased significantly. Our goal is to provide our clients with Applications that
meets their needs.