• Enterprise Management

  • Financial Manageent

Financial Management System helps you respond more quickly to your changing environment, streamline your financial operations, and improve the accuracy of financial reporting.

Financial Management System contains the following modules:

General Ledger
Account Receivable
Account Payable
Bank and Cash
Treasury accounts
Fixed Assets

  • Supply Chain Management

Ensure the oversight of materials, products, and extra as they in a smart
process, starting from supplier till consumer. Providing coordination and
integration between all supply chain functions and activities, eliminating
mistakes, insuring efficiency and accuracy through whole process.
Procurement Management
Inventory Management

  • Sales Management

Is a complete and flexible sales force management system for sales process, starting from customer data base till issue for sales order, in easy way you can manage your customers’ database and order, quotations, sales orders, reservation, sales men, sales regions, discounts, pricelists and much more with full readiness for integration with CRM.

  • Cost Management

Calculate costs, control expenses for each cost center such as departments, activities and so on. Manage your direct and indirect elements and obtain a deep analysis expense reports, ratios and much more all work with high level of accuracy.

  • Human Capital Management

  • HR Management

HR Management is a comprehensive application for managing, controlling and analyzing your entire employee lifecycle. It streamlines routine activities and brings consistency and accuracy to HR processes and procedures.
Company Structure Management                Attendance Management

Personnel Management                                Salaries & Wages Management

  • Performance

Set and develop objectives, analyze performance, and gain more ability making
decisions about pay, promotions and careers and of course identifying the development needs to empower and improve your team.

  • Recruitment

Increase your efficiency in hiring and retention, ensure consistency, compliance in the recruitment and selection process by using the professional system which allows you to handle recruitment process starting from candidate registration online then interviews and assessment till signing a contract eye designs, so that you can have a distinguishing brand style and be ahead of the crowd.

  • Manufacturing Management

Horizon Manufacturing designed to help manufacturers in production possess, which include more
than a manufacturing model such as (process, discrete, repetitive, or mixed-mode, etc.). Starting
from product design then planning (MPS, MRP, CRP) to execution, and integration with shop-floor and
quality system, allowing yon to manage all aspects of production processes and optimize resources,
labor, materials ..etc. Horizon Manufacturing focuses on improving your production operations and
Product Design
Shop Floor Control

  • Planning Management

Horizon contain a rich and intelligent set of planning
processes that help your organization in the setting of
plans and its implementation automatically, starting
from sales forecast plan till production execution

Sales & Operation Panning (SOP)
Master Production Schedule (MPS)
Advanced Planning and scheduling (APS)
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Capacity Resource Planning (CRP)

  • Quality Control Management

Quality control is specifically designed to monitor and improve the production process at the factories,
which is fully integrated with the manufacturing system. It starts from the process of raw materials
inspection then the process of inspection to the final inspection of the products. By providing a range
of smart tools to help setting of quality elements and quality plans for a specific product or a specific
production order. Also it provides a group of rich reports to help reducing distractions and scrap thus
the manufacturing cost and improve the quality of products, which works to increase the satisfaction
of your customers.

  • Maintenance Management

Horizon maintenance is responsible for all maintenance of the manufacturing resources, starting
by preparing preventive maintenance plans and even recorded sudden malfunction. Record the
equipment and their parts, defects, inspection dates, inspection notes, the case of maintenance,
spare parts ..etc. It also provides a smart reports that covers all maintenance activities. Horizon
maintenance is already integrated with Fixed Assets and the production system and planning

• Mobile Apps on Different Platforms 

Every house now has at least one mobile phone or tablet of various kinds and forms, and the importance.
of its use nowadays increased significantly. Our goal is to provide our clients with Applications that
meets their needs.